Now up in years, his goals in the entertainment industry has changed. His primary focus is to put all of his talents, efforts, and experience behind the younger generation. The music business has changed. So it only makes sense to change with it. He's seeking to find and help inspiring artist fulfill their dreams in the industry by offering his services in writing, music composing, production, arrangements and more.

R&b, Soul, Pop, Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening,

Hip Hop, Dance, Alternative , Film Scores and much more!

I don't sell beats, i license music. I don't want your money... Just to reap from what we accomplish together. In other words, it cost you nothing to sing or rap to my sounds...Up to you. 

Release date for this (EP) has been pushed back to Feb 1st 2019. 

I'm working to put out the best project possible.     


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Unsure how many tracks will be on this EP. At least half of them will be available as free downloads.

Hip Hop



Alternative... And more.

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